Bruce Thomas



Camera operator / Photographer

About me

I am a french videographer specialized in documentary filmmaking.


After a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts, a one-year exchange in Canada where I studied visual arts (photo, video, painting), I eventually turned to documentary filmmaking.


Beholder of a Master II in Creative Documentary at CREADOC (Angoulème - France), I learned during those two years all the steps that lead to the realization of a film, from writing a script to editing a movie, going through investigation and capture.


Those two years of apprenticeship, combined with numerous experiences abroad, allowed me to develop a technical and artistic autonomy in the field of creation and narrative stories, whether visual, written or audio.


I am currently writing a documentary scenario about Mayan people in southern Mexico.

I plan to highlight the evolution of two communities over time and how  the industrial world affects their way of living, their beliefs and their relationship to nature.


This journey will eventually lead to a docu-fiction in the form of a social fable which will intend to chronicle their daily life, capture their joys, their fears and anguishes in an environment about to burst where religions mingle and perceptions are torn apart.